Sunday, January 26, 2014

D20 random villain weakness table

My first attempt at a random table. Find that making such tables is a great way of activating creativity and storing ideas for later. This probably won't be my last one.
D20 random villain weakness table
  1. Power derived from magic item.
  2. Addicted to some substance, will die if bereft.
  3. Paralyzing phobia.
  4. Becomes weak when in vicinity of a certain substance, object or type of object (kryptonite, color, religious symbol erc.).
  5. Unable to harm one specific person (obsessive love, bound by spell, fear, cause equal harm to self etc.)
  6. Cannot move except by magic.
  7. Dependent on a certain environment (scorching hot, breathes certain gas, etc.) to survive.
  8. Receives massive amounts of extra damage from weapons crafted from a certain material.
  9. Has no body or body helpless. Dependent on henchmen to interact with the world.
  10. Must perform a certain ritual, bathe in a certain substance, drink some rare potion, sleep in a coffin or the like at regular intervals to replenish power
  11. Paranoid schizophrenic. Hears voices, experiences hallucinations.
  12. Power derived from a captive creature or person under his/her control.
  13. Villains true nature unknown to subjects, who will revolt if truth comes out.
  14. Cowardly when faced with personal danger. Hides behind henchmen. Will surrender if caught alone.
  15. Has a great power that through some method (mirrors, certain magic item, certain color etc.) may be reflected back upon him/her.
  16. Shape shifter – changes to helpless or almost helpless form at regular intervals or when certain conditions are met.
  17. Inverse – what harms others will heal him/her, and what heals others will harm him/her.
  18. Blind, deaf, dumb or some combination of the three.
  19. Overpowering hatred for person, creature, type of creature, people community etc. Loses control and attacks in blinding rage if encountered.
  20. Compulsive behavior – must follow a certain routine each day.

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