Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Stivellos shocking pole

Stivello was a legendary trap maker who lived and worked in the classical era. Perhaps as legendary as his trap making skills was his aptness at the seducing of women, and it is said he finally met his demise at the hands of the jealous lover of one of his conquests. His traps also seem to also have this certain aspect to them.

The shocking pole is a thick, shiny metal pole placed at the center of a room. Anyone who enters will be hit with a shock of lightning doing 2d8 damage. No large problem in itself, but there is also a spell upon the room making the air thick and viscous like tar, rendering it impossible for any humanoid to advance at a faster rate than 5 ft. per round.

There are two versions of this trap. The original version has no actual trigger. It is allways in operation, but will only affect objects inside the room. Any object thrown into the room will be affected by the thick air. Any organic or metal object will be struck by the lightning. Another, slightly more cruel version places a trigger at the center of the room, making it hard for the trapped creature to get out without experiencing death.

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