Sunday, January 18, 2015

d12 Really Bad Omens

d12 Really Bad Omens
A flock of birds are flying over head. Suddenly they loose momentum in flight and plummet to the ground. Upon inspection, the birds have all gotten their stomachs turned inside out, all their internal organs and intestines hanging out.
A large patch of nature has withered and/or rotted, seemingly suddenly.
An animal with obviously mortal wounds staggers across their path and continues into the wilderness.
Some commoners are lowering the body of a woman into the dirt. Beside the grave stands her husband holding a newborn baby with large goatlike horns in its forehead.
Some people are talking about how a bunch of graves have been opened. One of them insists that they were dug up from the inside.
A water source has become poisonous. Several of the creatures that normally use it lie scattered around it dead in evidence of its condition.
The ground shakes for 1d4 minutes, opening narrow fissures in the ground. All PC’s must make a dexterity save or fall over.
A downpour of what appears to be hail sets on. The hails are actually human eyeballs.
A group of people lies dead on the ground, all flesh seemingly eaten from their bones. Their clothes are still intact, so it is obvious the flesh hasn’t rotted away. A swarm of locusts can be seen in the distance, receding towards the horizon.
A headless woman is crawling around on all fours, apparently searching for something. Some ways off, her head lies facing downwards. The head and body still function as normal though separated. If asked, she will say it just suddenly fell off and she lost track of it in her bewilderment. Then she will tuck it under her arm and wander off.
All food in the characters packs is suddenly spoiled, along with everything edible in a 10 mile radius.
Monster appears from a planar gate: 1.Gibbering Mouther 2.Grell 3.Spectator 4.Chuul 5.Otyugh 6.Beholder. 10% chance the gate appears right in front of the characters, otherwise it will be some way off or facing in a different direction, giving the them a chance to attempt to hide or flee.

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